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Welcome to Omoidase yuroki's personal graphic comminity. Here She will place all the little random graphics that she makes in Photoshop out of pure boredom. Often times they are quite useful, such as tutorials, brushes and whatnot, and other times they are of her own amusement such as book recomendations and MP3s.

Not too many rules, just enough for even the simplest minds to follow.

  • I'm not seeking E-fame or anything and I wont hunt you down if you don't credit me but it would be nice if you did credit. Possible a link back to omoidase?
  • If you take something please let me know! It would be nice if you could mention that you were taking something so I can actually know that people are using my stuff and I can continue to make more!
  • Feedback is always welcome! If you think I'm doing something wrong or could improve on something don't be afraid to tell me. I always love improving myself.
  • Resources can be found in my side bar on my layout here and at the bottom of my info. I keep adding as I make more and more graphics but if you see something that I don't link to and you would like to know where I got it from, just ask me in any of my recent posts. Preferebly in the post where said item is.
  • Only I can post in this community. It's a community for MY graphics. There is to be NO advertising WHATSOEVER of your communities here. If you want to affiliate go here and ask me.

    Here are some other resources that I think are pretty helpful and I think you should have a look at them.
    HTML Transformer
    Color Schemer
    Color Schemer 2
    HTML Goodies

    ...To be continued.